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Myanmar man held after killing friend in drunken fight in South Pattaya


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Myanmar man held after killing friend in drunken fight in South Pattaya



Picture: Sophon Cable


Pattaya police took a 29 year old man on a crime reenactment to South Pattaya yesterday following the discovery of a body.


Forty two year old Myanmar national Dua Kar Phayarset had been found battered to death in a wooded area adjacent to Soi Yen Sabai.


The man responsible was named by Sophon as Muang Ram who was yesterday taken on a reenactment by Pattaya station chief Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch and his men. 


Colonel Apichai said that the victim and suspect were friends who worked and lived together at the Department of Land Soi nearby. 


They would drink together but there were frequent arguments. He suggested that the man was killed after he had frequently borrowed the suspect's bicycle and dumped it in the woods. 


A drunken fistfight had developed among several men and the suspect, unable to fight back, had picked up a metal pole and beat his mate to death. 


He has been charged with manslaughter and detained. 


Source: Sophon Cable




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-01-23
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Re-enactments for the benefit of who exactly?

A written, signed confession is all it needs, not a photo op showing the public.... look we do police work sometimes!

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Really can't hold their liquor can they?


Nor can caucasians nor african americans... but I read the news from back home and, although it does occur, the incidence of murders following drunk arguments just seems lower than it does here. Correct me if I am wrong.




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