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Where to buy Lanna shirts and fisherman's pants in Bangkok?


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Hi all,

If anyone can help me I would be most grateful.


I'm looking for those cool "yoga style" Lanna-eske shirts (with the fabric buttons) that you see for sale everywhere in Chiang Mai. 

I can't find them in Bangkok!


Fisherman's pants (plain, for men, with the strings not elastic at the waist) seem to be rare also. And I thought they were a southern thing?


I looked all over Bobae markets and tower and came up empty handed!

Khoa San market, nope.

Kinda shocked somethings so readily available everywhere in CM isn't in Bangkok?


There must be a place!

Wholesale would be best but I will take what I can get.


If you have any ideas please let me know 👍


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On 3/11/2019 at 3:43 AM, katana said:

Seem to remember seeing them at Khaosan Road.

I scoured Khao San (again) and found 3 vendors all selling the exact same no pockets, no long style, pants.

So, technically yes, but a fail for my purposes.


The shirts are completely unavailable in the south, is my conclusion.


I would've flown back to Chiang Mai to aquire a couple suitcases full if the air was breathable...


Oh well, live and learn..

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Short of heading up to Phrae, Nan, Lampang head over to Lazada.


Saw plenty of both there, the Blue Lanna shirts seem to be classified as "Mens Ethnic Clothing" in some cases. The pants as "Yoga Pants".


Occasionally there are regional/ethnic trade fairs at the likes of QSCC, BiTEC, etc. where you can find these.

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I am sure there is a stall in MBK selling those white long sleeve shirts.


5Th possibly 6Th Floor at the Pathumwan Princess hotel end.


I distinctly remember a "Do Not Ask for Discount" sign on display.

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