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Chonburi: Call center gang run by Taiwanese to trick Taiwanese


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Chonburi: Call center gang run by Taiwanese to trick Taiwanese
Picture: Daily News
Thai immigration moved to arrest thirteen Taiwanese nationals on Wednesday who were running a call center in Samet sub-district of Chonburi. 
In a press conference yesterday the Thai immigration chief Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang and his teams outlined how the Taiwanese used Thailand as a base to defraud their own compatriots. 
It was an elaborate health insurance scam that involved calling people in Taiwan to tell them that their health cards had been stolen. 
Fake police then came on the line to further convince people of the veracity of their claims then "official" faxes that were in fact bogus were sent from someone claiming to be a government rep. 
Picture: Daily News
Victims then had to transfer money to a Taiwanese bank account with gang members employed to take out the ill gotten gains. 
Many people have fallen victim to the scam with losses put at 30 million baht. 
The gang had been operating out of a large house in Moo 4, Samet, Muang district of Chonburi south east of Bangkok. 
All thirteen of the gang members are now in custody and will be deported to Taiwan after representations were made by the Taiwanese police. 
Source: Daily News
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-08-16
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1 minute ago, petermik said:

Them "pesky" foreigners again....keep them all out and Thailand would be free of scammers...:whistling:

Perplexing that they so often choose Thailand to set up these scams. 

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14 hours ago, Montnoveau said:

Maybe so, but it is only law-abiding citizens who follow the rules.

How will it help to catch criminals if they don't bother to tell where they are?

You dont need a TM 30 to work what was going on there 13 people coming and going would have been a dead give away

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