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Despite drought, agricultural output continues to climb


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Despite drought, agricultural output continues to climb





Agricultural output will increase this year in line with the export ratio of agricultural produce that has increased from 17 to 22 per cent, the Office of Agricultural Economics said.


“The production of wet season rice in crop year 2020-21, which had started between May-October 2019 with the harvesting period between August 2020-Feburay 2021, is estimated at 25.18 million tonnes or 4.17 per cent higher than the previous crop year,” said Pholchet Tracho, deputy secretary-general.


“Farming areas nationwide are at 60.49 million rai, also increasing 0.15 per cent from the last crop year.


“As for corn for animal feed, we have 6.66 million rai of farming areas nationwide, down 0.97 per cent from last year, but the total production should reach 4.67 million tonnes, an 8.36 per cent increase from the previous year, thanks to the water level of this year that is higher than that of 2019,” he added.


Meanwhile, the farming areas of tapioca for crop year 2020-21 are 8.84 million rai, a 1.2 per cent increase from the previous crop year, with total production estimated at 29.9 million tonnes, a 4.83 per cent increase year on year.


“The Ministry of Commerce has reported that the export of agricultural products such as foods, vegetables, pet foods and tapioca products in May has expanded for the first time in 10 months due to several countries starting to lift their Covid-19 lockdown measures,” said Pholchet. “This trend has improved the export ratio of agricultural produce from 17.1 to 22.7 per cent.”


However, Thai farmers are not out of the woods yet regarding the drought problem. Royal Irrigation Department director-general Thongplew Kongchan has said that the rainfall from late June to mid-July will decrease with possible dry spells in several areas.


“We advise wet season farmers who have not start planting yet to start from late July or when it starts raining again so as to avoid water shortage,” he added.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30390340



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-06-26
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1 hour ago, bodga said:

I  wish it  would  stop raining by me in Prachuap Khiri Khan, weeds going crazy although did have 3 months with very  little rain.

Sounds like my situation!  And it's amazing how big some of those weeds are when you try to pull em out.    😕

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It's raining almost every day in Pattaya - Mabrachan is at 2%. Is the basin leaking to the ground or what? Water from the pipes still only comes on Saturday/Sunday.


Garden is loving the rain though. Planted some herbs, papaya trees are bearing a lot of fruit. Thailand does have fertile soil.


If only they could go high-end agri like NZ. 

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I dont agree. Im a farmer and all the neighbors are. All seems a little bleak actually. Weathers been a nuisance. And did anyone even get the 15k handout from the government? I cant find anyone who got it even though i know many people eligible.

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