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Do covid extensions in HH take 2 visits?


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I'd like to do some travelling but will need to extend my visa at some point. With the covid extensions, some immigration offices are giving the under consideration stamps and making you come back a couple of weeks later, others are giving the extension first time round. Anyone know how it works in HH? I wasn't necessarily planning to stay two weeks, just want to have a look.


Edit: also, do they require a TM30? Seems a bit hit and miss whether you actually get one without a lot of messing about.

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Yes 2 trips


15 day stamp then you have to go back for the other 45 days


They also require a lot of paperwork - you don't just sign the affidavdit (sp) the same as other provinces


They also like to change which paperwork is required every time I have been


To be honest they are a pain in the ass and I would advise you to only do it here if it is essential

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I just did the extension. You will have to come back in 2 weeks. This is the same procedure when I did the extension in Chiang Mai last time. 1900 baht total.


One difference from Chiang Mai, here they insisted on a "covid letter" from my embassy. I did not have one so they said they must charge me 4900 baht (!) to do the covid extension. Fortunately a kind officer mentioned to me privately that if I simply present a printout of the automated reply email from my embassy stating that they can not offer such a letter, then that'll do. I was doubtful it would be that simple, but I quickly dashed off an email to my consulate and immediately got an auto-reply mentioning they can not offer this letter!! Printed that out and it was accepted by immigration.


Also, they wanted to charge me an extra 500 baht because I had moved from Chiang Mai to Hua Hin, for unspecified reasons. When I mentioned I had just done my 90 day report here last week and showed the officer that paper, he backed down on that demand.



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