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Sprouting coconuts

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Im in the Samoeng area if that makes any difference and have a dozen natural coconuts full of coconut water and I want to not only sprout them but get roots growing as well!

I have two that have 12” healthy sprouts but no sign of roots!

***I am not going to float them in salt water and bury them in beach sand!!

I’d really appreciate advice from anyone with actual experience growing coconuts!

ps: these are not dwarf variety 

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I'm not an experienced grower, but I've had fairly successful rooting (three out of five) by just planting them in compost amended soil, in the ground where I wanted them to grow. Not too deep, leave the top of the husk with sprouts above grade.  Mulch the soil surface for moisture retention, keep them watered and be patient.


But recognize that this may not be the best time of year to get rooting and growth. The weather will cool down considerably next month and through Jan and early Feb, especially where you are in the hills. You will get better results in the early growing season, March, with water management since it will be hot and dry.  Or wait until the beginning of rainy season in May or June if you don't want to have to irrigate. 

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