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Second hand car parts


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Would suggest joining a car club on Facebook with your make of car ... many people in club selling parts and can be delivered.. eg ford escape club.

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6 hours ago, captainjackS said:

which type.of car?  I have seen a few places near Promenada, but never went inside.  From the road, i can see many spare body parts of isuzu and toyota pickups.

It’s a Toyota Sprinter Marino 


I see a few of them around on the roads here.



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7 hours ago, NotEinstein said:

The big second-hand vehicle parts place where all the repair guys go is behind the railway station.



You need to be armed with exact date/model details and ideally part numbers.

This is the place to go. I've bought entire door assemblies there, electric mirrors, etc. Great place with huge stock. But you have to know exactly what you want. You can't look around for parts.


Another excellent place but on a smaller scale is Loong Rot or Ruang Rot on the same side of the road but further up heading towards the old city.

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