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Alternate area to Democracy/KhaoSan... or decent hotel closeby?


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Been 5 years since I was in Bkk. Spent a lot of time in Thailand before that. Coming back soon.


In Bkk I always stayed at a big old 350bt  hotel across Ratchemadorn from KS rd.  Close to Democracy monument. Behind the Benz shop. Quiet area, Mostly Thai guests... Great central location.-  quiet and far enough away from the tourist <deleted> of KS...

But it has been demolished, and I am looking for a replacement near there.  Or in another area recommended?


I am comfortable near Democracy/KS. I know my way around. From north of KS down to south of Charoen Krung I know pretty well.  I don't know any other areas to stay in Bkk.


I don't need bars, shopping, or a lot fancy coffee shops. I don't want a boutique hotel.  I eat Thai food all the time.


I would be perfectly happy in a basic residence with food stalls nearby...


So please, a good basic hotel near Democracy (not in the backpacker zone). Or some other area of Bkk to try.


Are there still decent 500bt places? Or am I just dreaming? I would consider something really special (with pool) for 1000bt? I see booking online gives some pretty cheap prices...


Thank you



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Dépends why you want to go there really? Why is that particular area good for you ? If it suits your goal of visiting Bangkok, then go on booking.com , if you know that area it should be dead easy to find something.  Otherwise Bangrak , sky train, Thaksin Pier , think there’s a few cheap places there. Plenty of coffee shops etc

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An add on, careful with those 500b offers, they would be real dumps and not safe., Times have changed and places like this very fun down since Covid closed everything. I’d be afraid of catching something !

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Posted (edited)

Thanks. Yes, found a nice looking place just north of the klong in that area. Been a while since I travelled, and want the security of knowing the area I am in...


Very nice sounding place. A little guest house with a pleasant woman as owner.  Lots of good current reviews. It sounds great. Less than 500bt.


I hope it is good!

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