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Used Bike Market At Ruamchok, Chiang Mai


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I am curious as to how the big used motorcycle market next to Meechok Plaza works. Do they operate on consignment or do they actually own the used bikes they are selling? Do they buy used bikes? Do they reliably take care of the title changes (Green Book)? Would appreciate any info.

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No experience with this specific shop, but generally speaking, these second hand shops all operate similar:

For you as buyer it doesn't matter if the dealer sells the bike directly or if he is working on consignment. You pay the dealer, and you get the bike and the paperwork. Depending on what you negotiate, they might do the transfer for you, or you do it by yourself.

If you sell a bike to them, they will require signed paperwork from you as seller, the "buyer" field is left open. If somebody buys the bike that you sold to them it's up to the buyer if he transfers it in his name, or if he leaves it in yours. The shop doesn't care about this.

If you want to make sure that the bike is transferred in the buyer's name you have to sell it privately (ask the person who contacts you if they plan to transfer the bike in their name, maybe the buyer plans to sell it on, then he doesn't want to transfer it in his name), go with the buyer to the DLT and do the transfer there together.

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