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  1. by all means..send us a post card after you escape your self imposed prison sentence in the toilet of thailand/patts
  2. happened to me at a club in CM...sucker punched me--security guys..broke my glasses...gravel embedded in my arms i left a nice review online with the pics...seems that club no longer exists.....all over about where i parked my mbike on street
  3. ahhh laziness is worldwide i never get delivery as it lowers the quality of freshly made and costs more....soggy fries yum!!! ๐Ÿ˜ž cold rice! wooo! the whole idea of me eating OUT is that..eating OUT....the dining exp.....but i usually just get fruit and chicken to cook myself
  4. i went to AIS shop at hang dong BIG C...the gal asked how long i was here I said 6 months as the 200 unlimited plan expired.. so she gave me the 4Mbps plan..unlimited internet.....i never call anyone so i just use the internet for spotify all day and stream tv on my chromecast at night.....never had issues with speeds or connection thru my hotspot..... the plan you posted seems right...6 months..1400..used my old 12 call sim....im sure ive reached my limit but hasnt seemed to affect my abilty to still use it daily for spotify and streaming chromecast.....old plan was 200 month..new comes to 233 bt anyhoo it works for me....
  5. how do you get them to put the phone down while taking selfies to say hello???? do they even work out????
  6. a little snow on the roof doesnt mean theres not a fire burning inside ๐Ÿ™‚ hubba hubba
  7. if u are going by advice from ppl here you are in more trouble than you know.....do the opposite!!!
  8. a mama cup and a half bag of sticky rice...
  9. agreed...keeps u on your toes....is also why i also go n days early to see what they are up to now...shenanigans etc
  10. time heals all wounds...sounds better..not worse...slow n steady wins the race everytime......
  11. thus the result of pushing all friends and family away long ago......and the forums being the last bastion aka truth social-- X...
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