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iPhone repair in Pattaya?


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I’m sure this topic has been addressed in the past but this forums search engine is not turning up a single thing.


I need some good recommendations for a repair shop in the area.  

My iPhone 7 screen is intermittently dimming for no reason at all and it’s driving me crazy!


I have researched and tried every possible fix with regard to settings and fully reset eVERYTHING, even doing a full restoration including firmware, so it must be a hardware issue.


I recall reading a thread on here a few years ago about some shop in one the Downtown malls that did outstanding work, was fluent in English, and very fair in price.


So if any of you have any suggestions I’d certainly appreciate hearing them.


Thanks much!

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On 9/21/2022 at 10:11 PM, keithcresswell said:

There used to be an official iPhone repair shop directly above Powerbuy in Central Festival. Its a while since I've been there so I don't know if it still exists.

Thanks but I checked them out (iCare) and they have a pretty bad reputation according to Google reviews.


Curiously my iPhone has been behaving itself lately with no dimming issues, but I did find a shop with outstanding references should I need it, so I'm offering it here for anyone else who is searching for a GOOD place to repair iPhones.


It is iOS Restore Pattaya iPhone iPad Repair ร้านซ่อมไอโฟน ไอแพด พัทยา.  The Google map link and details including reviews is at https://g.page/iosrestore?share


According to the Google reviews, the owner is Apple certified, fluent in English, has a reputation for fast, fair, and friendly service with very reasonable prices, and out of over 150 reviews there seems to be almost no reviews below 5 stars.

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My PC shop referred me to her friend with a shop that repairs iPhones. Very honest, reasonable repair costs. 082-204-0304. Her name is Oh. Speaks good English. Located in a shop just behind TukCom. Easy to find.

LINE ID: oh1088

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