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Reliable Taxi Service Don Meuang – Jomtien/Pattaya?


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Hello, after some searching i am still not sure about a recommendable taxi service from Don Meuang airport to Pattaya or Jomtien. There are offers from

  • Don-muang-transfer.com (1500 THB smallest car)
  • Trazy.com (1720 THB smallest car)
  • PTTaxi (1500 THB smallest car)
  • Bosspattayataxi (1400 THB smallest car)

Where do you get your DMK-Pattaya service? I fly in around 6 pm on a weekday, probably just in time for rush hour. I want a taxi from airport to my Jomtien location, not looking for advice on bus or skytrain; i have heavy luggage.

Obviously, established taxi NamLadyDrivers don't service Don Meuang.

PTTaxi worked well for me years ago on a different route, even if their English seems quite funny for a tourist-oriented website.

What comes to mind? Thanks!

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Could try Bella Taxi (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012649485671). She appears to get good write ups on FB (but who knows if genuine or not 🤷‍♂️). Male and female drivers, can always specify what you want. Off the top of my head can't remember what she charges for DMK but Pattay >< Swampy is 1000 Bht.


Can't recommend from personal experience (was using Nam exclusively) but noted her service as a back up during covid as her service seemed well received, was being recommended in FB group and often advertises for new drivers so appears to be growing (or could be replacements?).

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7 hours ago, RayWright said:

Nams Ladies no longer cover DMK, so used PattayaTaxi last month. No worries, driver arrived early, got through Bangkok during OPEC week without any issues. Would recommend. 

Do you mean pttaxiservice dot etc? Thanks.

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7 hours ago, aussiexpat said:

Ask Nams, nice cars, safe drivers as only ladies (who I think drive better). 1200 from Swampy, not sure how much from other airport but sure it will be competitive 



Sorry, had to laugh at that one. OP specifically mentions Nam's as NOT servicing DMK. 😊

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I've used the same lady taxi for about 5 years. Don Mueang I think is 1600 but I usually give around 1800. She has a Toyota Innova which is plenty spacious and can carry loads of luggage.


Very safe, if a little on the slow side for my liking (100kph on the motorway).


PM me for info if you need it.

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15 hours ago, henrik2000 said:

Hello all, thanks for your recommendations!


I have a total Facebook aversion, but should be able to find Bella Taxi elsewhere also, or i take PattayaTaxi.


Thanks again!

I recently used Pattaya Taxi. Swampy to Jomtien was 1200Tbh and Jomtien to DM 1500Tbh

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Hello, about PT Taxi or Pattaya Taxi: There are two different web sites:

- pttaxi

- pttaxiservice

Could you tell me which one you had the good experiences with?

I don't want to appear as a guerilla marketeer (been blamed before), so you could send me the info as private message.


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Hello, regarding taxi service to Pattaya  I had the following experience with a big agency I won't name. I appreciate your comments on practical and cultural questions.


I booked the taxi trip Don Meuang - Jomtien by email, which seems to be this agency's preferred mode (not online form). I wrote a very clear list of time of arrival, flight number, place of origin, my name, my phone, my Line ID, number of passengers etc.


They confirmed quickly by email and mentioned gate 7, where they would await me. The English was rather broken, though, even if the confirmation was undoubtable.


2 days before the flight, the airline messaged me about 50 minutes flight delay (for a 45 minutes flight and a parallel flight by a competitor). Should I tell the taxi agency about this flight delay? If this was NamLadyDrivers with their very smart English by email (experienced on two occasions from Suv), I would have immediately messaged them about the delay. But Nam doesn't serve Don Meuang, and with this agency here, with their broken English, I was wary. I have experienced huge misunderstandings out of very small changes of plans. I worried (stupidly?), if I message them about the flight delay, they might misunderstand it as a cancellation. (I had situations like that before more than once with Thai friends, hotels, etc). I was very sure that my taxi agency would check the plane's actual arrival online, especially as several experienced Thai people had told me that local planes are always late (which seems not true, looking at displays in domestic airports).


Just when I finally boarded my delayed plane upcountry, the taxi driver called me and asked where I am in Don Meuang. I had to tell him that my plane upcountry had not even started and that I would be at Don Meuang only an hour later. The driver or the agency had obviously not checked for delays online.


The next misunderstanding was in Don Meuang itself, when I waited at gate 7 INSIDE the building, while he expected me to be OUTSIDE (it was my first booked taxi service from Meuang and I thought it went like in Suv., where you  meet your driver INSIDE the building). Outside on the road, my driver couldn't wait long for me because vehicles have to be on the move there; so he did some useless circles around the airport and we exchanged frantic calls and messages. He had basic English that was okay for the occasion, and on phone calls I had useful Thai on hand. While I was waiting on the road (after finally figuring I should NOT be INSIDE the building), I boarded at least two wrong taxis who I had taken for my booked vehicle.


My youngish driver had a big comfy car and an easy-going smile. He didn't seem to mind the confusion and delay very much. He said, "oh, that's Thailand, planes always late". But then, why didn't he check my real arrival time online? I asked him that, but didn't get a clear (for me) answer. Then we got into a friendly small talk in Thai and English about Thai life, job life and Thai music. (He lost his office job in Covid time, but office life was too serious and unplayful for him anyway, he said.) I played him one Thai song from my phone which we discussed.


Then he said something I didn't understand, and I knew I had to turn off the music from my phone, as that very much disturbs my understanding of foreign languages (whereas Thai people never seem to mind loud vocal music while talking about something else). When somehow my phone kept yodeling in spite of my tapping "STOP", I said a bit loud to my phone, "now stop, stop".  After the phone was finally silent, I tried to pick up the conversation, but now my driver was totally silent too. He didn't say a word, he didn't look at me in the rear mirror until we reached the destination 50 minutes later.


I paid the fixed price, tipped him 100, and he left with a resignated smile.

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