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Entry with a criminal record

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1 hour ago, DrJack54 said:

How long is the planned trip.

He only needs a criminal background check for non O-A and few other options.

Visa exempt entry and tourist visa does not require a check.

Visa exempt entry is currently 45 days till end of March .

Good option.

Obtaining a 30 day extension here in Thailand also no check

He wants to go for 3-4 weeks, so visa-exempt is fine.

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Just now, novanova said:

He wants to go for 3-4 weeks, so visa-exempt is fine.

Best option.

Just have a read of posts regarding "onward flight" 

Airlines often require that flying visa exempt you have an onward or return flight..

Your friend most likely have booked a return flight since it's only a 3-4 week holiday. 

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Don't know about Australia but 

U. S. a number of felony convictions, serve time was on probation, got permission from 

P. O.  To travel HK,  China,  Thailand two weeks no entry problems.  

Return home in custom handed passport the look on IO face red flags. Asked what was the purpose of your trip reply " locked up for 4 years my brother took me on

a <deleted>> tour. Both of us took to back room for body search. 🤣

This went on for about 3 years straight but entry into Thailand no problem. 

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I don’t believe there is an issue.  Look at all the other expat/ tourists here that have criminal convictions. And also the ones wanted in their own countries.  Most don’t seem to be recognized until years later. 

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