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T.O.U. meter

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... along with silly monthly service charge (฿300+)

this guy (in the video) had to pay only 46.16 baht for the service charge (bill 12/2022).

when using the TOU meter, you must also add FT, which is presently 0.9343 baht (2.6369 + FT = 3.5712 baht/unit)!


I'm hoping to purchase an electric vehicle this year, at which point I'll contact the PEA for additional details.




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Not getting my head around the benefit of TOU meter.


We'll hit 700kWh this month (have already), and if say 500 was peak, and charge EV on off peak rate @ say 200 kWh, then it seems to be more expensive than our 'regular' meter.



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You need to use a lot more off-peak (and correspondingly less on-peak) to get to the break-even point.


If you can get a separate TOU meter just for the car and only charge at night you get the best of both worlds. PEA were certainly offering this in the past. 

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