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Seeking Participants for Survey on Sustainable Tourism in Phuket


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Hi Everyone,


My name is Chanida, and I am a Thai-German student born in Phuket. Currently, I am studying Tourism and Event Management at the International School of Management (ISM) in Germany. As part of my bachelor's thesis, I am conducting a survey to gather valuable insights on the development of sustainable tourism in Phuket.


This survey aims to capture perspectives from various stakeholders, including local residents, tourists, business owners, and government officials. Your input will be instrumental in shaping a comprehensive understanding of sustainable tourism practices in my hometown.


Rest assured, the survey is completely anonymous, and all data collected will be used exclusively for my thesis research.


Your participation would be immensely appreciated, and I thank you in advance for your time and contribution.


Warm regards,



Link to survey: https://prettyform.addxt.com/a/form/?vf=1FAIpQLSfs472Lj9_mTVFHMNNObJdcZP7ftBFSqIN4ekp8CQ85i542Gw

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