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Near Bua-yai Korat


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My friend-girl is from here and since she didn't go home for the new year (I actually don't think

she was able to get a seat on a bus) and the killing period seems to be coming to an end, I

thought it might be fun to go visit together. I know near most downtown bus-stations there are

almost always a few Thai-Chinese style hotels but this looks to be really in the "boonies"? On

the map, North almost to the Khon-Kaen border? blah-blah-blah too much coffee this morning :o

Anyway, does anybody stay up near there and have ideas on places to stay? Even Korat city

appears to be 2hours away? Any and all recomendations appreciated. Very little on the internet,

I would leave all preparations and details in her capable hands......but I know better. :D

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Yes, thanks for that. I've been looking at the google maps and there does appear to be a small

municipality there. Not exactly on the beaten path but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Every

place I've ever visited in esan seems to have it's own special feel about it. More than anything

I was worried perhaps I'd get stuck in a bamboo cage and held in the jungle with no other

farangs around to call on for help. Probably need to get a GPS microtransmitter implanted under

my skin somewhere and leave the locator with a trusted friend. Did I mention I'm a worrier?:o

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