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Route 1252 / Jaeson Nat Park / Mae Kampong


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For you guys talking about Mae Kampong / Jaeson National Park on the Pai Businesses Closing Down thread...

Here's a map


Indeed the scenery & forest cover on R1252 is some of the best in North Thailand.

You can easily do this trip from Cnx to Jaeson in a day, or even take your time & over night in Lampang.

R1252 has long been a favourite of the GT Riders. Check out some of these reports with photos to get an idea of how good it is

1. R1252 a great new loop

2. Cnx – Chae Sorn – Lampang - Cnx

3. Chae Son Nat Park

4. Phayao – Chiang Mai The Long Way Home.

You can also do the Jaeson Loop via Khun Tan NP (the train tunnel) by asphalt road.

1. Cnx – Chae Hom – Khun Tan – Cnx

2. Khun Tan Railway Station

The Jaeson Loop is an excellent day / ovedr night trip from Chiang Mai. Try it sometime, there are several ways to go / come back, so it is definitely not boring.

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