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Transit Visa For Serbia Needed?

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We are planning a trip from Bangkok into the Schengen area (visa arranged already). Then planning to drive by car to Macedonia and back. This involves crossing through Serbia (and Croatia but that can be avoided if necessary). I can't find however if my Thai gf needs a separate transit visa for Serbia. On the website (http://www.mfa.gov.yu/Visas/VisasR.htm) I conclude it is needed but it's not really clear if it's also needed for an overland one day transit visa. I know that for Macedonia it's no problem to enter with a Schengen visa but for Serbia? The nearest embassy is in Jakarta, emailed them already but so far no response. Don't have the time to travel there just to get a stupid visa... Does anyone have some useful info about this or knows a company which can arrange a visa if needed?

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If you want to take her to Serbia you must obtain authorization from Embassy in Jakarta. Do not email them, but rather call to get an immediate answer. As a Thai resident, your partner has no other choice. You may have to FedEx/DHL her passport to them with a Self Addressed and Paid Return Envelope from FedEx/DHL as well.



The organizations as well as individuals providing services to foreigners against payment, and persons with whom foreigners are staying as visitors, are obliged to register the foreigner's stay with the competent authorities (according to the place of residence of the foreigner - the police department) within 12 hours from the moment of rendering the service, i.e. of providing accommodation to the foreigner, or from the moment of his arrival as a visitor.

A foreigner who is not using the services of accommodation provision as indicated above is obliged to register with the competent authorities and to inform of the change of address the next day following the day of arrival in Serbia, i.e. within 24 hours from the moment of the change of the place of abode or the change of address.


The application for being granted permission for temporary stay should be submitted to the Secretariat of Internal Affairs in whose territory the foreigner has his registered place of abode. In order to be granted permission to stay temporarily on the basis of marriage it is necessary to submit the following: 1. valid passport; 2. completed form; 3. written acknowledgment of the registered place of abode; 4. two photographs; 5. extract from the marriage certificate (not older than 6 months); 6. proof of the possession of means of subsistence for the spouse, and the prescribed tax. For a temporary stay to be granted on the grounds of studies or specialization, training and practice, it is necessary, in addition to the payment of the prescribed tax and the first 4 above listed documents, which are obligatory for the approval of temporary stay on all grounds, it is necessary to submit a certificate issued by the faculty, school or other institution, and proof of the means of subsistence (acknowledgment of the provider of scholarship or of a bank). If permission for temporary stay is applied for on these grounds, foreigners are requested to submit the application within 3 days from the day of the arrival in Serbia.

The application for permission to stay in Serbia temporarily on the grounds of opening an enterprise should be accompanied, in addition to the compulsory documents, also by a written decision-approval of the opening of the firm issued by the commercial court, and by the founding act.

In the case of a request for temporary stay based on employment of foreigners, in addition to the compulsory documents, the following papers should be produced: written decision of the commercial court relating to the registration of the firm; annual balance of operations of the firm and the firm's current balance; employment contract with the firm, and the opinion of the labour market authorities confirming that the foreign citizen involved may take up employment. The said opinion is not required if employment relationship is contracted by a foreigner for the purpose of performing professional duties provided for under the contract on business and technical cooperation, on long-term production cooperation, on the transfer of technology, and on foreign investments.

The procedure for granting permission for temporary stay on all grounds normally takes up to 15 days.

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I don't know if you arranged visa already.

You can use Serbian embassy in Yangon to obtain visa as well.

Be careful regarding Macedonian visa. Thai citizens need one. At least they needed it back in 2007 when me and my wife (living in Serbia) were on transit through Macedonia. She got Schangen, but she needed Macedonian visa at that time as well.



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