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Short Expensive Ride


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Thanks I ordered a cool vest form the States. I'm hoping it will lower the body temps with all that gear on. It was luck I was wearing it, happened to eb a cool day. So had the full leathers on. I always wear the boots on rides like that one around town tennis shoes.. Summer usually a long sleeve shiry My right arm would be hambuger now I hadn't had on the leathers just lucky.

So time for safety jacket in the summer the cool vest should keep it fairly comfortable even in the heat. Tell if it worked next year.

No matter how careful you are it can go wrong in an instant. For me lesson learned.

Lucky on the ankle as well, 15 days and I can actually walk on it now. Spent two weeks developing cabin fever but it paid off.

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Glad you are alright! Dogs scare me as much as vehicles. I'm waiting on delivery of a summer cordura armored jacket to be worn everyday, every time out. I have to admit I wear the sneakers more than the boots though. Nice paint job btw...

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I have one now or thought I did turns out it was a rain jacket set up, But it's black wrong color. So I will get another one soon along with the cool vest. The bottom line is if you ride enough your going to go down. I learned a lot in this one. I'm a very defensive rider, something you can't react fast enough. I knw omne thing I'm goign to fight he natural reactio adn niot hit the brakes. I remembered enough to know to hit him straight when nothing was left. No brakes and I would not have went down

Even with the leathers the zipper in the coat arm took a big gouge out of my right arm. Hate to have seen what it would have been like without it.

I had bruise on my forehead from the helmet so it did it;s job, not even a headache.

Yuo know I think I was the only one who didn't like the paint job. It's good I had just envisioned something else. Next bike I will try again. This is fine for now. The bike runs good and I take care of it. So should be able to get a few more years out of it. Then I want a new one, right now that looks like the Vulcan 900. But maybe Yamaha will change it's approach and you can get into the VStar. Right now it's pretty much sports tourers in the big ones. I have a bad back and can't ride bent over like that.

They won't let you order one because it's such a hassle getting them approved.

Who knows what the next few years will bring

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