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  1. Same here, but I registered last year and it seems to be more difficult now.
  2. That's not even subject to debate anymore, considering that the Thai government created a special visa for tourists to stay up to 9 months.
  3. As the STV officially allows a continuous stay of 9 months, by design, it would be ridiculous for rogue IOs to claim that tourists aren't allowed to spend more than 6 months per year in Thailand. Other than that, we can only speculate at this point. I'd expect a somewhat lenient attitude until they can afford to be picky again.
  4. Never say never, maybe there are fixers that can actually fix this, but what are the guarantees and what's the recourse if whatever fix doesn't work as expected? You can't exactly report them to the police if they claim they can fix it, take your money and then it goes wrong somehow.
  5. I didn't get that message, presumably because I'm already using the K-PLUS app, so I don't need to apply for it.
  6. I've got no idea if there's any substance to this news report, but for what it's worth, I've always thought the required 400,000 baht for in-patient care was ridiculously low while the required 40,000 baht for out-patient care was ridiculously petty (or simply unnecessary). I hope they get rid of the latter while increasing the former.
  7. I'd say they're already too late for what could have been high season. Most people need to plan long-distance travel well in advance.
  8. Same for me, I got to see the digital version of my vax certificate before I got the paper version.
  9. I'm a foreigner and found it very easy to download Mor Phrom. Same with many other foreigners I know. Your problem doesn't seem to be downloading the app as such, but that you don't know your ID number. There's only one way to find out: Ask the hospital that vaccinated you for it.
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