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  1. That might eventually be added as an afterthought. I wouldn't expect it anytime soon. It's not exactly straightforward to get say an EU digital certificate after having been vaccinated in Thailand either. Meaningful international integration is probably months away, at best.
  2. Yet another diversion in a lame attempt to distract "the public" from Thailand's many real problems. Also. The PM once famously said that Thais don't eat bread. Why should they care, then?
  3. Sizes seem to differ, from the small one ubonjoe has posted to somewhat bigger ones. None I've seen myself was red though.
  4. Phuket might well be the only place in Thailand that has adequate testing in place, and it's educational how persistent the current wave keeps lingering there still, with no signs of abating thus far.
  5. Oh look, another TAT flip-flop. Completely unexpected. What are they going to say in October? Who will be daft enough to book a trip?
  6. Not sure where the data for this will be coming from. Pretty sure they'd manage to leak it somehow, again.
  7. The availability of Covid extensions was just extended again, so depending on your future plans, you might want to get another one.
  8. If he shows up at the airport, ready to leave, he has to pay a fine of 20,000 baht (that's the maximum amount) and he will be banned from reentering Thailand for a number of years (depending on how long he has overstayed). That's it, no jail time.
  9. I see no harm, but potential benefit, in getting a Moderna booster shot after having had my two AstraZeneca jabs. I don't mind that I need to pay for it, I already did. In fact I would have preferred for that option to be available earlier this year.
  10. I'm done with the government program, 2x AstraZeneca in Bangkok. No complaints, it all went smoothly. I've booked and paid for a Moderna booster already and hope to get it 6 months after my 2nd AstraZeneca jab.
  11. This just exemplifies the TAT's disconnect with the real world. Potential tourists who will have to undergo mandatory hotel quarantine upon their return home simply won't come. Not in any sizable numbers at least.
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