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Strange Thing: Two Websites Suddenly Load Old Content


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some strange thing happened 2 days ago.

while browsing the biggest news-website of my European home country, the content was kinda stuck and stopped updating at the early morning hours of the 17. of February. no matter if I use IE or Firefox, both browsers show me the old website with not any new content at all since then.

even if I ask GOOGLE for some news that happened TODAY, thursday, google would lead me to that specific website with UP-TO-DATE news, but when I click it, the old content appears again.

now today the same thing happened when I was browsing the biggest sports-website of my home country. last night I watched the live-reports of the UEFA-Cup matches without any problems, and now this afternoon suddenly this website returned to wednesday afternoon, even at wednesday night I had the up-to-date version with all scores of the wednesday-night games.

all other websites work properly (no matter if Thai, international or from my home country).

Only these two.

I did not perform any updates nor any other suspicious activity took place.....

can anybody solve this mystery for me and tell me what I have to do to get those 2 websites back to normal ?

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I used to have this problem at work. I think it was because the proxy that they used was being overzealous.

The trick that I used to get around the problem was to add a parameter to the end of the url.



would become


and I would just increment x when I wanted updated content. Annoying, but effective.

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