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1st Trip To Vientiane - A Bit Worried Like A Virgin :p

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hi there,

I will go to vientiane on March 15th for the 1st time in order to get a new 60 days tourist visa.

previsouly i got a 60 days visa in HK and did 30 days extension at the immigration in bkk. Now i have to obtain a new tourist visa again to be able to stay 60 days more in thailand.

i would like to know if i need to provide proof of travel (i.e: return flight ticket) when i am applying for my 60 days tourist visa at the thai consulate in vientiane?



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No Need to worry fengibs. I was there last week and it's very simple.

You can download and print the visa application form from the Thai embassy website. Fill it out before you go and affix the photo with glue.

Make a copy of the first page of your passport, the one with your picture, before you go. They have, at the Embassy a photocopy service but they charge 10 times more than the same photocopy in town. Beware. In Thailand the photocopy is 1 or 2 baht.

As you go on March 15 you will present yourself on the 16, Monday morning. It is usualy busy on Mondays but bearable. They open the gates at 8:30 and give a number in sequence for the application deposit. Last week I was given number 235 and was out by 11.00. The service is fast, ordely and cordial.

After the application has been deposited you retain the number and go to the other building to pay the fees. 1,000 baht for each entry. Maximum 2 entries. The 2 entries has been posted already.

You pick up your visa the next day from 1:00 and are also given a sequenced number. That procedure is much faster. You can fly back the day you pick up the passport. Maximum 2 nights stay.

As far as your virginity is concerned I doubt you will loose it in Vientiane. Everything closes at 11PM.

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