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Cheap Way To Get Back To Thailand


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I am looking for a cheap way to get back to Thailand from Spain with my wife and 2 children (kids will be 2 1/2years and 4months).

We plan to go back at the end of the year; the dates are flexible from October onwards.

I have looked on the Internet and I am just frustrated with all the cheap offers that turn out to be advertising scams.

Please no silly comments guys. :o ขอบคุณ

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Guest Bellini

You say you want to fly from Spain back to Thailand. Does this mean you live in Thailand and flew on a one-way ticket to Spain?

The cheapest way, obviously, would have been to buy a return ticket before you left Thailand.

Are you flexible regarding the travel date? With most airlines, the earlier you book the more likely you get a ticket in a low fare class.

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1.agree with above-if you are Thai or living here permanently-you should have bought a return. Since the web came in, it seems that most people are simply unaware of the variety of airfares available-including those with flexible return dates. again that century old word; the AGENT knows about all that.

2.in case you want to book, now, and online, i see only 1 option: via Germany on airberlin.com, they have just released their winter timings. plenty of flites from about ANy Espanol ciudad via their hub in Dusseldorf-then nonstop BKK> Its a german holidaymaker airline, so dont expect the most luxury. but very good ontime and safety record. should be do-able-with a fixed date-for about 350 eur/single p.p. check yourself what they charge for kids.

NOTE: they now DO check and refuse anyone on a single, without ticket out or without prea-arranged visa!

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Guest Bellini

Look at that! I didn't realise Air Berlin flew to Bangkok.

I tried to check the price from Milan (MXP) to Bangkok (BKK) but it seems I have to book the two legs separately. Dusseldorf-Bankok for only EUR 266 on 26 OCT 2009. Now I'm going to look at Milan-Dusseldorf.

Thank you for mentioning Air Berlin. It helps to read ThaiVisa.

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