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Hi all organic/farmers,

I thought a new topic for this would be in order rather than in "Down on the farm today" topic.

Its a great idea, and like a lot of others, im all for it,

Thing is, how are we going to work it? will it be a swap this for that, or send recompense as a thankyou?

Perhaps another way would be to if you were travelling, PM the member in that area, saying you would like to visit his farm/kitchen garden, and take some seeds with you, Great way to make new friends...

What have we got to offer? well, Kanoon seeds, Tamarind seeds,Banana spears,papaya seeds [not special], and so many other trees on the farm i dont know the name of,

We live in Namsom, 100ks NW of Udon.

cheers, Lickey..

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I think it's a great idea and have swapped seeds with a couple of members already, but one member suggested that if done in the open, it may compromise tv and raise the ears/eyes of officials. Unless a moderator can inform/advise us, we should do it via pm??

I have misc salad greens, spinich, peppers, chard, kale etc....all brought in by friends visiting.

An extention of this idea would be to pool seed orders, but then it gets more complicated.

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Hi Guys

Cheers Lickey one step ahead of me  :)

As I've already said the ideal set-up of a proper heirloom seed bank is something for the future (when I'm full-time in LOS) but seed swapping/sharing on TV is something we can do now. I agree with Jaideeguy that using PM is probably the easiest way and several members are doing this already.How about if we have a pinned thread where members can offer seed (with a brief description of the variety and its provenance) that they are willing to share via PM.

I'll be bringing a large amount of seed back with me in September and am happy to share any excess with other members. For example a pack of carrot seed contains 500 seed of which I may realistically sow 100 in a season, carrot seed remains viable for up to 3 years so I would rather give away the excess 200 seeds than waste them. 

cheers for now J   

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