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Has Anyone Used This College

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Has anyone used this TEFL College My Webpage

If so could you tell me more about it

TEFL College - worldwide. Uh, but really only in Thailand.

I am becoming a bit skeptical - of everyone thinking they can train teachers. One of the TEFL Cert programs in Phuket (one of the newer ones) - offered to hire one of my teacher-trainees - one week after he had completed his TEFL Certificate.

Now, the guy, at that time, did have one week of experience - but, I'm not quite sure that he was so good that he should start teaching people how to teach. I'd say give him another ten years experience, preferably in at least a couple countries - and with varied groups of students – then let’s talk.

Look at the quality of the teacher before you evaluate what the website or program has to offer.

Just my opinion.

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It's run by ELT who I've heard the odd bad thing about (in regards to pay). I don't think a class has even run yet, and there was a (presumed) disgruntled employee on Ajarn the other day saying they:

I read where this company was offering EFL training to teachers. The very entertaining part is that the course designer has no certificates in EFL and other than teaching some classes has no training either. Yet they are going to be offering their own certificate to potential teachers who will pay them for the privilege of teaching for them.

^ If you'd like a link, by all means PM me. The owner did post on the thread, but didn't comment in regards to his TEFL course.

I think a bit new in the game to be accurately assessed at this present time. I'd wait until you can get feedback from students that have attended the class and are now working here. A lot of schools offer 'new' TEFL courses (as they're a good means of income and teachers), but due to lack of demand many of them are cancelled or never actually run.

Some of the info on their website is wrong and/or plain misleading.

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