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Limits On Premium Products?


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Assuming you're talking about Thai customs on entry at the airport, it's 200 cigarettes, 1 litre of booze (any type). Penalties are heavy for those caught exceeding the limit.

Certain foodstuffs are theoretically not permitted, but I've never had issues with cheese and choccies.

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I always bring in more than the limit mainly wine, I've never been checked , don't know anyone that has. I've only seen thai customs stop and check asians with boxes and large wrapped packages, most of the time they are talking to each other not concerned.

Also your overall outlook must help , I've never seen them stop a business man or a well dressed women.

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wow.. so only a litre of wine?!

shiiiiiiiite.. better make sure it's good wine, was hoping to bring a cask =(

i miss wine.

the limit of one liter probably refers to one liter of PURE alcohol.

Wine is usually 11 to 13% alc, so you can bring about 1/0.12 = 8.33 liters of wine, and since wine bottles usually contain 75cl, that would be 8.33/0.75 = 11.11 bottles.

But better check with Thai customs first.

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If I may quote from Wikipedia since the words "pure" alcohol confused me a little: Everclear is a brand of neutral grain spirit that is available [for sale in the US] at concentrations of 75.5% alcohol (151 proof) and 95% alcohol (190 proof),[1] in contrast to hard liquors such as rum and vodka, which typically contain 40%–60% alcohol (80–120 proof).

My experiences with customs in BKK and CNX has been that they do not differentiate between alcoholic beverages by their alcohol content. A bottle of wine and a bottle of whiskey were treated the same.

OFF SUBJECT ASIDE: Today, I find it almost impossible to find any "hard" liquor in Thailand over 40 proof for sale. Every now and then I do find it as if a small batch slipped in. And when I do, it is under a brand name I do not recognize and, therefore, may be the reason it got in (pure conjecture).

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