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Ps3 Move Review


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MBK have the PS3 move and games now (but they do not have the wireless "joypad" yet but you can use your dualshock instead

PS3 move has GREAT potential and seems more accurate than even Wii motion plus. With Wii motion plus I always seem to spend too much time putting the controller on a flat surface for it to recalibrate! Recalibration is much easier and quicker with PS3 move - just point the wand at the camera and press a button

With PS3 move, just like the Wii launch the initial games are not exactly AAA games though (MS Kinnect games will be similar, somewhat basic quality too as well I'd wager)

The best games will be out next year (Sorcery looks amazingly good for example)

Here's what I got for Move:

Start The Party - like a HD version of the old PS2 Eyetoy gamea. Wife and kids LOVE this but too simple for me. Single player pretty boring as it is a party game (but you only need the one PS3 Wand)

Sports Champions - a lot less games than Wii Sports but they are all good ones. The gladiator fighting game is AWESOME and by far my favourite move game. With 4 wands and 2 players (my 7 yr old son has to stand on the bed to play!) it is is GREAT fun and very accurate. Each player has 2 wands (one a shield and the other a melee weapon). They could have sold this as a separate game as it is so much fun, especially with 2 players (I got 4 wand just for this game!)

Raquet Sports - Good'ish game (Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Squash all good but the table tennis is nowhere near as good as the one from Sports Champions)

Kung <deleted> Rider - pretty crap - reminds of of that crap Tony Hawk Downhill Racing game at the Wii Launch. It is pretty funny though and my son loves it but I don't rate it!

Ruse - this works REALLY well with Move - best way to play it and I have played the PC version.

Tumble - A PSN downloadable game and it is REALLY REALLY good. I think a lot of the best games will come from PSN.

The Demo disc came with some other demo's and one is Time Crisis which I think is great and can't wait for the full game as I have always loved the Time Crisis games. Also the patch for Resident Evil 5 is on the disc so I am tempted to pick up the God, version of RE5 as if it is anywhere near as good as the Wii version of RE4 it make it much better to play (aiming your weapon will be much easier)

Heavy Rain is supposed to have it's move patch very soon and it makes that game much better I've read.

Next up is Kinnect for the 360 and I'm curious to see how it compares to move!

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