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Passport For Baby


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hello tv members,

i'm in need of a suggestion or advice regarding my baby passport.

Let me make the story clear first, i'm indonesia and my wife is philliphine.

My son is registered in the philliphine embassy in thailand, my wife and my son will leave the country in first week of october.

We have applied passport for my son since first week of august and until now no sign of it.

My question is:

can my son travel outside of thailand without his own passport? the embassy suggested using travel document instead of passport.

I understand fully that he need to have his own passport.

Can some one enlight me in this matter?

Thank you in advance.

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Any advice that you get on this may be incorrect unless someone here is familiar with Indonesian or Philippine passport regulations. You don't say where the child is born ?

You don't know why a passport has not yet been issued ? A Travel Document is a possibility, but I would have thought that if it would be issued by the same country/Embassy that you have applied to for a passport, and if they are prepared to issue a Travel Document, then why can't they issue the passsport ? Is there a problem with nationality ? If the Travel Document shows nationality, presumably Philipino if you have applied at that Embassy rather than the Indonesian Embassy, then it should be ok to travel. If the Travel Document does not show nationality, then you may have problems with visas to travel, return to Thailand, etc. Some Travel Documents are issued with limited validity or restrictions such as " good for one journey", so be sure to find that out before you travel. You may also need to look at whether the Travel Document is acceptable to enter Thailand on your return.

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