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  1. Not my place to educate you,,, but on a simplistic level, a person sat near me in January. in Thailand, is spending his 200 quid heating allowance, he is not entitled to, and it would be better spent on poor little Annie.....
  2. Is that not under the tax threshold? It is an unfair situation that the pension increases are not applied to all pension recipients... you would expect they would give an incentive to stay out of the UK, and not be a burden on the NHS and perhaps other benefits.
  3. Or everyone on the Airport Rail Link a non tested person shared?
  4. I think the idea is to prevent people infected with Covid wandering all over the place.... but making a little money for Thai businesses always goes down well too. It used to be 7 nights..... thank heavens for small mercies.
  5. Me too.... I was actually riding around mask less Tuesday as I absent mindedly set off without one and didn't get an opportunity to stop and don it until out of town, where I couldn't be bothered. What concerns me is when I stop at the Suk/Klang lights with my surgical on, and I start feeling the impacts of all the vehicle exhausts there, as I did last cold/ pollution season.
  6. Yes but a PM 2.5 has a valve making it unsuitable for Covid protection mask... and you make my point actually. By regulation we have to wear a surgical type mask, but if it does not handle 2.5, we need both riding our bikes in town. I still got a large bag of them I bought before Covid.
  7. I will use my usual yardstick.... winter is here when all the dogs are sporting tatty T-Shirts.
  8. Must be supplying golf carts.... it takes most of that to walk from the gate to immigration most times I have arrived.
  9. If the criteria was simply having a blast, Pattaya does it cheaper and better. Well it did, pre Covid....
  10. I expect it to be done in steps..... ie get rid of the curfew and the alcohol ban in restaurants first. Next step after, will be allowing the opening nightlife. Have to wonder if they want to wait and see how reopening schools affects the numbers.....it seems to have impacted the UK.
  11. I very much doubt that.... the Expat community is made up of mostly older guys who profess to 'never going into a GGB'. Have to wonder who the customers will be for some of the new places on Soi Pothole too. Once the tourists, and particularly the oriental ones, come back, GGBs will have customers.
  12. I have no problem calling a thief a thief, or a fraudster a fraudster..... someone taking benefits they are not entitled to by law is doing that. So many feel defrauding the government does not count..... And you seem to be another who likes to call my type childish names....
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