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  1. I believe a lot of these factories and manufacturing plants, including construction, are also contributing.
  2. I still expect vaccinations for foreigners here to get listed on Ebay and I am prepared to bid high!
  3. Yes, I saw that posted by another, but too late now. (Files were not in the same folder).
  4. I could not find details of the specific vaccine being offered, someone told me it was AZ... hearsay. I have no idea what the closest hospital to to your location might be.... also if public or private.... I have no idea which hospital would be used even for my location.
  5. Because you are in error. I will pick the UK....the vaccination numbers are now 88.6%/72.5% of adults single/double vaccinated. The new infection number is falling, today's number -30% on a 7 day total. So I do not see this observable fact.
  6. Damn... never tried that, just tried using the 'Browse' 'Select' process twice.... oh well, don't expect one can go back and edit.
  7. I drift from grouchy to whimsical in the mornings as the coffee kicks in......
  8. Maybe a spray with the special water too.... that is the other morning pass-time, spraying from a short hose with low pressure, watering of plants.
  9. I had that issue too, it would not accept 2 separate files, and frankly I couldn't be bothered creating a 2 page pdf or album single file with both enclosed, so they just got the passport. If they want the 2 items it should be possible to include or download 2 files. Didn't have your other issues though and actually thought things worked quite well at such short time. Let us hope it goes further.....
  10. Making money and the government endorsed only gambling facility are just too important...... Wonder where the ticket sellers go these days with no restaurants open where they can disturb people dining.
  11. I usually like to see some optimism.... but in this case I am afraid not. We have had such results after the weekend before, only to see it bump up after a few days......
  12. It is a phrase they heard and liked.... just means a bit more than the occasional sweep up the place gets ever now and again.
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