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" Not So" Vip Bus C.R. To Udon


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I recently took the new so called " VIP" Chackrapong bus -- C.R. to Udon Thani

Features of the bus were very close to a city bus .Hardly suitable for 13 hours!

Seats that partialy recline with footrests fastened to the floor. If the seat in front reclined my legs were on either side of it..

The seats were so badly shaped for highway travel that one tended to roll out on curves

Toilet was complete with 5 gal. pail and dipper,perhaps just a" Thai touch"

Air con that actually "screamed" full time, but was working way too well,with bone chilling temp.

Deisel fumes included.

Bus was so underpowered it was in 1st gear for many hills

Three pit stops required for roadside repairs.(making the trip 1 1/2 hours late and the Thai Embassy an extra day away

But being "VIP", I had a pityful bread role and a small bottle of very warm water tossed at me.

On the positive side --- umm-- it was clean (other than the toilet)

Next time I'll be on the true "1st class "Sombat " bus where you get what is promised (as had been sugested to me! -but NO "Take the vip" my g.f. insisted)

Sorry traveler


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The Sombat sounds better than that, although there was a problem with the smell from the toilet last time I took the bus.

The Thais down the back kept yelling at the steward and he would come down and spray with a can of air freshener.

Free "meal" at Phitsanulok included as well.

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