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Where To Buy An Engagement Ring In Bangkok


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Before anybody starts to throw the rather unoriginal comments about not getting married . . . where's a good place to buy an engagement ring in Thailand? Nothing insane. Just a nice stone in a farang gold setting (Thai gold is way too soft to set a precious stone in . . . actually, it's too soft for a ring in general).

I only ask because I haven't spent too much time in Thai gold shops but from what I can see they tend to specialize in Thai gold. Necklaces, bracelets, etc. I want to know where one would go to get a decent quality diamond in a farang quality setting here in BKK.

Any suggestions?

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I recommend your nearest pawn shop, must be a huge selection of lightly used rings of assorted weight-farang purchased-but sold on to cover a debt to some shark.

(Keep an eye out for one with "pommie rac-coon" engraved on the inside")

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