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Thai Family Visiting Wife And I In The Uk

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My Thai wife and I are both resident in the UK (my wife has been here for five years and is now a British Citizen).

We would like to ask her parents over for the first time later this year and I've already spent a bit of time researching what is required.

My concern is that as they are rice farmers from a rural area, they have no bank details and no 'official' employment record. Whilst I am able to demonstrate funds here in the UK, I cannot act as a guarantor for them.

As I am sure that our situation is fairly commonplace I'm really hoping that there will be people here that have gone through this process or know the system well enough to offer us some advice or reassurance?

Many Thanks

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Slight aside here and perhaps jumping ahead too far, but if they do make it here, could we holiday for a week in France on that visa (I presume not) and if not, is this a realistically achievable goal?

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They would apply for a family visit visa, using form VAF1B and if refused this can be appealed.

Many people in your position have been successful in this.

Do they own their own land? This will help, and if so they should provide evidence of ownership.

In your sponsors letter you should describe their circumstances in Thailand and why they are visiting at this time.

You are presumably supplying the accommodation and finances for the visit, so should provide evidence of your ability to do so.

See also Visiting Family.

France is part of the Schengen area, the UK is not. Therefore a UK visit visa is not valid for entry into France and vice versa. If you do want to take them to France they will need to obtain a Schengen visa from the French embassy in Bangkok before they leave Thailand. They cannot apply in the UK if they are here as visitors.

See here for the procedure.

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We deal with these applications daily if you require professional help feel free to contact me.

The ECO will be looking for both applicants to demonstrate they have assets or ties which encourage their presence here (reason to return).

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