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Need #1: Kid Friendly Resort Villa Or Similar (Couple Weeks)


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Need #1: Kid friendly resort villa or similar (couple of weeks) This will be base camp to search for....

Need #2: Long term rental.

We (she) have a house in Nakon Nowhere. Its about a 3 hour drive to BKK and about the

same to Pattaya. We intend to visit Pattaya region soon in search of a suitable, affordable, long term house/villa rental. The idea is we have the option to flit between the two locations whenever we desire. (But for me it’s mainly so I am closer to Farang food, what a city can offer, more things to see and do etc).

Have visited the region a couple of times previously, but still not too familiar with the area.

(Read: Through a drunken haze!)

Done the online searches in the classifieds, and touristy sites, but it’s never the same as the description or the photos depict. I’m thinking it would be better to get some recommendations from the readers here, and then I can look into them further.

Need #1: Searching for 1 or 2 weeks initial accommodation

Budget: up to 2,500 THB per night. Or can pay 1 single month if rates are more favorable.

This will be base camp, from which we can search the region for a suitable longer term solution (See Need #2).

Main concern: We have an 18 month old ankle-biter, she must, (as they do), explore and climb every conceivable contraption within eyeshot. I am thinking a 1 bedroom villa resort, which has on its premises or nearby, a kid’s playroom or playground. And a nice clean swimming pool.

Need #2: Long Term house/villa rental

Budget rental: around 20,000 THB per month.

Hoping for house/villa, (3 bedroom preferably). Take into consideration the above points regarding young child.

Would like to hear in which areas of Pattaya region readers suggest I should look for this longer term rental. The centre of town I don’t think is what we want, (but I maybe mistaken). What about areas around Jomtien, Naklua, Nong Prue, Bang Lamung? Will consider hunting further afield if recommended i.e. Bang Sare? Any places to avoid? Any suggestions moo baans to take a look at? What amenities are available? Or anywhere else might be suitable? Can somebody please clarify “The Darkside”. Not sure which area this covers. Maybe it’s in my list above. What about secure housing estates where other farang families currently live?

Will help if any recommendations include typical rental prices.

Replies much appreciated.


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