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Questions On Buddhism


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I think a few posters are more interested in trying to prove that Buddhism isn't perfect, that Buddhism doesn't answer all of life's questions or that Buddhists aren't saints. The problem is not so much the questions, but that they won't accept the answers. Anyway, this seems an appropriate moment to remind everyone of the Buddhism Forum-specific rules:

"People of all faiths - atheists and agnostics, too - are invited to post provided what you have to say is relevant to Buddhism.

This is a place where those who are involved in Buddhism already can discuss views and ideas; where those new to Buddhism or the merely curious can ask questions about Buddhism and get answers from other members; and where we can all share information about Buddhism in Thailand in particular. While views on Buddhism as practiced in other schools of Buddhism and in other countries are welcome, the primary focus is the Thai brand of Theravada Buddhism (since this is ThaiVisa.com after all)

Do keep in mind that Buddhism, along with the Thai monarchy, is one of the most respected social institutions in Thailand. Posts whose primary purpose is to slag off Buddhism in general or Thai Buddhism in particular are not welcome. Such posts will be edited or deleted immediately, and the member will be warned and/or suspended. Proselytising is likewise unwelcome. This includes repeatedly posting dogma about any subject matter, including vegetarianism, celibacy and so on.

Posts about other religions, eg, Christianity, Islam, etc, or about the existence of God, intelligent design, creation, etc are allowable only when expressly discussed in the context of Buddhism. Any new topic where Buddhism is not thematically involved will be immediately deleted."

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