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Biking Around Vietnam


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Hi guys, I have some time off soon. I've biked all over Thailand, a fair bit of Cambodia too but have never ventured over to Vietnam.

I was wondering how other bikers who have done so found it, compared to Thailand.

I'm aware that Vietnam has a lot of nice scenery but it's more the bike shop availability and prices that I am after. I usually go for Honda Degree xl or Baha's. I used to pay $10 a day in Phnom Penh but it's been a few years now. Anyway, just wondered whether anyone has some insights that they would like to share.

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Have you considered biking around Laos?

Vietnam has it over Laos, beautiful coastline, mountainous inland and great plains, friendly people. better food and still very cheap. probably more English and French spoken.

There are some organised bike tours available also which in some ways can be a good option. try googling. I dont know but im sure the availability and variety of bikes for self ride rental would be better than Laos also. certainly in the majour cities.

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Check out the Top Gear program on biking in Vietnam on You tube. If you Google Jeremy Clarkson biking in Vietnam, it takes you there. Funny program, magnificent scenery on the coast road, like Curly, Larry and Moe in the Orient

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After watching the Top Gear episode, I gotta plan a trip!

Though the part 2 section looked more appropriate for the Thailand rainy season!


Yes be a good adventure I think.....looks some nice but challenging riding.

But the traffic in cities is something else, feeding ur way up thru opposing traffic streams is damned scary stuff even for the most daring.

I have a friend wants me to join him so maybe a group tour could be arrainged?

Not sure the best time of the year to do that tho??

Cant imagine using an R1 or similar for that trip out to the bar tho!!!

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