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Is There Anything I Need Translated

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Just a quick question before submitting the spouse application on Thursday.

is there anything that i need translated.

Our Marriage certificate is in Thai and my New Wife says that it needs translated into UK.

Her friends have been telling her that all Documents need translated for the spouse visa but i said that they Dont.

Can anyone tell me if i do need anything translated from thai to english, I have all day on Wednesday to Finalise the Paperwork.


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How to Apply says


You should provide translations of any supporting documents that are not in English to ensure your visa application is considered fully. Any translated documents need to be submitted with the original document for verification. All translated documents must include the following information:

  • confirmation from the translator that it is an accurate translation of the original document
  • the date of the translation
  • the translator's full name and signature
  • The translator's contact details

However, anecdotal evidence suggests that official documents such as birth and marriage certificates do not need translating.

But, you may very well need translations of these once in the UK, and it is a lot cheaper to get these done in Thailand; so I'd do so anyway.

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thank you for the quick reply

i will get her birth and the Marriage Documents Done and will submit them

I have to say, with out the Kind people on this forum, i wont have done has good


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We have decided to translate: marriage cert, name change paper, birth certificate, tabien baan & anything else in thai that I think may be important when I get to Thailand. Maybe a little over the top but prefer to have everything covered for the sake a few hundred baht

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