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High Speed Mobile Internet In Pattaya


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Until the Thai telecom carriers get their 3G networks up and running in Pattaya (hopefully only a few months or less now) I will just put in a word here (as I have not seen in mentioned before) that the 3BB company (the ISP in Pattaya) also has in place an extensive wi-fi network around town. Most of the large shopping malls are covered. In addition, many restos/cafes outside the malls seem to have coverage as well...not really sure where these signals are coming from but I am able to connect to them. Basically, I use this paid 3BB wi-fi network as a substitute 3G network for my phone when sitting in restos or cafes around town relaxing and eating or having coffee to surf the net and stream video and audio new/entertainment content from the web. My EDGE service is fine for mobile email or even reading/posting on T-V but for streaming BBC video news, YouTube, Sticher Radio, or NPR audio news streams the 3BB wi-fi is great. It has basically changed my mobile internet experience.

The best part is that the cost is only B 100 per month for unlimited 30-days of of service. When you sign-up for the service, the charge is automatically deducted from your phone balance (if pre-paid) or added to your bill if post-paid and renews automatically each month. It is easy to sign-up, when you see a 3BB wi-fi network is available where you are, just connect to it and then open your phone's browser and you will automatically be directed to the 3BB sign-in page. On it, there are links at the bottom to sign-up for the service and the various plans on offer. ?(It helps to have a Thai handy as I didn't see any English sign-up page.) Your username is your phone number and after sign-up you will receive a confirmation SMS with your password.

Now you won't have these high-speeds available when in the car or everywhere you may be like at the beach (at least I don't think but haven't tried it yet) or something but I have found that for high-speed access outside the home when I am in town, it has been a really handy service and for about the cost of a latte or two per month...very good value as well.

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