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Flat On My Pcx


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Moved to Thailand because of the good riding here

Riding here for 8 years, and doing about 100,000km a year, I have gotten my fair share of flats. Mostly ending up in the ditch or surfing along the pavement.

Over the last 2 years I have enjoyed the friendly banter of what is better, the PCX or Yamaha elegance

A month ago with 20,000 km on my PCX I changed the rear tire. Yesterday with now about 22,000km on the bike, returning from picking up my daughter at school, we were driving along at about 90 kph when the rear tire went flat. NO drama, it just kept tracking straight, I did not even really know it unit I pulled over to check what was happening.

There in the side of the tire, right next to the rim, was a big nail. A.) Bad luck I got a flat B;) bad luck on the side wall you can not fix it C.) good luck, I did not crash, and could drive it. Throught the twisties, down the road for another 10 km to the shop. The bead never broke lose and it ran and handled well

At the shop now and will pick it up this afternoon.

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