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Best Sushi / Sashimi / Maki / Futomaki In Pattaya For 70 Baht A Dish

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I am a big fan of this restaurant, because I love maki and futomakis but also because I have been frustrated the last 4 years as an expat to not find any place equivalent to the Sushi bars in SF or Miami.

Search is over, I have found this place named Sushi Train Walking Street (their Facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/SushiTrainWS )

Of course it is fresh and made by order, but it also taste the same the best restaurant in US or Europe and it is cheap. They are not very creative and you will find the common maki, but for 70 a plate, you get a generous size of 5 piece of sashimi! It would cost the double anywhere else in Pattaya and they do it right, remove the fat and the black like we do in Europe and US.

I am very happy about this place and hope their business will do well so that I can still go there to get my sushi patch every week! Spread the word, this place is 10/10 for the price/quality/taste.






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I am happy to hear about this place. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise and hope to try it.

In that vein, I invite you to post an item about this place in a thread about new and exciting restaurant finds in Pattaya, here:


Just curious to stuff your face on sushi there, what would an approximate total bill be?

Maybe they are making their REAL money from the fines for "playing with the train?"

20K baht! That's harsh. w00t.gif

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Thanks, as a general comment, Sushi sucks in Thailand, some of the best Sushi I have had is in Vancouver, Canada. When hey use wild samon, it is really amazing. I was bought up on farmed garbage.

I don't go down that part of Pattaya very much, but always looking for an excuse giggle.gif , is there a good place to park near by? Can you please post or pm me with better instruction how to find this joint to give it a go?

Thank you wai.gif

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Sushi here not bad. But not up to a 'western' standard. The rice is not what it should be and all / a lot of the maki have some kind of cream cheese inside.

Russian owned or run, only one waitress speaks a little English. There are some Thai waiters/waitresses.

Not recommended to sit outside, especially after dark. Really dark outside and very loud music.

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