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Good reasonable priced places to stay in Phnom Penh


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I'm arriving in Phnom Penh on Sumday 23rd June and want to stay a few days to get my Thai visa sorted, then travel around. Any suggestions for a nice guest house in an interesting area at reasonable prices - I have no idea about prices in P.P., but in Bangkok expect to pay around $15 a night for a room with wi-fi. Will also want to go to Otres beach, so any suggestions on most comfortable way to get there (not too worried about cost if transport is good). Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks. englishnick.

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plenty of places on street 130, and 172 off of riverside

I stay at the Hometown hotel on street 172 for $15/night great area. Walking disatnce to everywhere and plenty of entertainment/restaurants nearby

$15 is ONLY 450 baht, wont get u much in bangkok!!!

or if u want be near the late night action ( walkabout /Sorya Mall) than street 51 has many places from $15-30/night

Less than $15 will be a shit hole

Otres will be rough seas this tme of year an many places close, your better off in the occheuteal beach area, (Aqua and Beach club resort ) for $25/night

Note your Thai visa will take at least 3 days.

two ways to get to shv,

Bus 5-6 hours $6-9

taxi 4 hours $40-50

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Thanks Richard, that's a big help. I presume occheuteal beach area is Sihanoukville. I'll go and take a look.

Ocheteaul Beach,Otres Beach,Victory Beach,Independence Beach,Sokha Beach and all those beaches there are Sihanoukville,best way to get there is by bus.It's a big,proper bus not the horrific minibus Yabba-dabba-doo,Thai Michael Schumacher driver who will run away and leave you all for dead when he predictably crashes!

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