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Kanchanaburi/Tak backcountry

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I'm going to be staying at Tham Kaeo Sawan Bandan meditation centre near Three Pagodas Pass and will use backcountry trails relatively near the Myanmar Border to drive my 125 cc bike up to Mae Sot on visa runs. Any experience/advice on the area would be appreciated. I chose this route to see the forest and do a bit of photography away from the frenetic major highways. Sorry If I posted to the wrong Forum.



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I have just opened my Thailand map and as I thought you would need to go through UmPhang and on to Mae Sot.

Sadly the route 1090 heading south peters out and there is no road as far as I can see connecting the 1090 as it dead ends in the Mae Wong national park.

I live on the northern side of Mae Wong and the route 1117 past my house does the same thing. It stops at Chong Yen about 50 km from UmPhang in the middle of the national park and to get to UP I have to go via Khampaeng Phet, Tak and Mae Sot, about 350 km round the wrong way.

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