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Cha-Am – A World Away From Worries

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Cha-Am – A World Away From Worries


CHA AM:-- That’s the title of the latest Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) Newsroom Report that now features on their website.

The recent report vindicates Cha-Am’s claim to being amongst the Kingdom’s top attractions and provides some muchneeded publicity to assist in promoting the future development of tourism here. Amongst the information provided and featured photographs, the report comments on: “Long sandy beaches, fresh, juicy seafood dishes and green hills have helped make millions of happy memories here over the years.”
“So what’s Cha-Am Beach like? Well it is wide and sandy with large umbrellas and low-set seating where you can relax in the shade and snack on seafood. Cha-Am lies parallel to the beach so everyone has a sea view, whether they’re in tall hotels or small bungalows.”
“The sea itself teems with life – so you can enjoy fine seafood dinners in the local restaurants – with tasty crabs, squid and shrimps as gigantic as a giant’s thumbs to feast upon.” “Cha-Am is the sort of place where tourists are soon on first-name terms with the locals – who are happy to chat.” “Cha-Am is so relaxed that the only major decision you’ll need to make here is where to have dinner – not a fraught process, as all the restaurants serve excellent seafood.” “If you want a nearby seaside bolt-hole, with a relaxed vibe and fine food, Cha-Am is perfect.
What’s more, you’ll be following in the footsteps of three generations of Thai holidaymakers, who are known for taking their beach holidays very seriously.” Our thanks to the TAT for featuring ChaAm; it’s often left off the list on mainstream websites visited by ‘surfers’ wanting to find out more about where to visit or stay during a Thailand trip. We certainly endorse the Newsroom Report and hope for more promotion to come from the TAT!
-- Hua Hin Today 2014-12-01
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