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Poi Pet - PP buses


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There are three evening buses leaving Poipet for PP. 7.30, 8.30, and 9.30. Different bus companies but pretty much everyone is selling tickets for any bus as long as the fare is right. They seem to insist now on 12 USD for foreigners. Same at the ticket office in PP of the Poipet bound buses. Before it was cheaper.

There is also a 3.30 PM departure, again anyone sells the tickets, and the bus operator picks you up and takes you to the bus which leaves from a place quite a bit further down the road. Asking price was again 12 USD but 10 USD was easy. I was tired from the long flight to BKK so I should have tried USD 8.

It left almost on time and got me into PP at around 12.30 midnite. No problems with transport to the GH. People offering a full talk-show for USD 2 while i preferred the 1 USD fare for the ride and no talk.

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