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Afternoon bus from Koh Kong to Shianoukville????


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Any current information on the buses?  The minibus from Pattaya shows to be arriving the border at 1.  Will I have time to get thru immigration and catch a moto downtown to the bus station.

If not, guess I'll spend $60 for a taxi instead of spending the night there.


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Naaa - take an early public bus from Sukumvit to Rayong, Chantaburi or Trat. In Trat the public van to the border. Get up really early in order to make a 5 Am departure - that way you should be able to get a van or bus to SHV or PP. The buses or vans stop for passengers at the intersections of Pattaya Nua, Klang, and Tai as well as Theprasit Rd. In the good old days there was a bus 1 class aircon from BKK passing Klang at 4.45. This might be now gone and van doing the trick.


I have not done that trip in that direction for some time so ask for more details using the Cambodia Forums that are online.


You surely do know that an electronic visa means less money, time and headaches at the Cambodian immigration. Each year Koh Kong immigration successfully competes for the prestigious and difficult to win title of the most corrupt and rotten Cambodian immigration post.


Do some reading on the other scams on offer as the various 'helpers' etc. at the border are true equals to the officials.



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