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New Visa Requirement

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Does anyone know about the following: A friend returned this week from Europe and was told by another friend he had to report to immigration with his address (even after putting it on his T.M. form). Went to Soi 5 yesterday and sure enough 2 new desks had been set up for this purpose. He filled in the appropriate form and was given a receipt for it - similar to the 90 day but hand written. He believes there is a penalty if you do not do this.

Can anyone shed light on this?

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Some Immigration offices insist a new TM30 must be filed each time you re-enter the Country.


The TM6 complies with the alien reporting his dwelling place on entry.

The TM30 should be completed by the 'house master' confirming the arrival of the alien at said dwelling place.


This has always been a requirement must not previously enforced.

Some office are now enforcing this law.

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