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Sons skin rash


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Has a rash of some sort over all of his legs that ends up quite irritating 

I thought it was something along the lines where you developed white patches (pigment change) doc said no

The Doc said not serious & prescribed some oil based ointment & also Selsun (presuming fungal)

Lately the wife has been applying baby oil to keep skin moist (to some relief )

Wife thinks it gets worse after being in pool 

Any thoughts out there as maybe someone's kids or themselves have had a similar problem

Thanks for any input


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There are many types of rash and it is impossible to tell from what you say, what this is.


However if it seems to get worse after being in the pool, could be a reaction to the chlorine. In which case more likely to respond to a steroid cream than and anti-fungal (and staying out of the pool).


Best i can advise is to see a dermatologist if it persists.

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