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  1. I wish to second Sheryl regarding amino acids. th.iHerb has reasonable prices & shipping to Thailand. I'm taking 2000mg N-acetyl l-Cysteine (NAC) for depression and 500mg d-Phenylalanine (DPA) for anxiety. Some improvement. Separated from food by at least 30 minutes. Worth looking up the free online Braverman Personality Assessment which can give you a lot of pointers in this direction. And, as an OP has pointed out, do NOT take benzodiazepines! They c.r.a*p out & leave you addicted.
  2. Sheryl, very interesting about haemochromatosis. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and have suffered depression, anxiety/panicks, sleeplessness & odd neuropathies. Most haematologists in Thailand are at a loss when it comes to haemochromatosis--Asians don't get it! So their knowledge is wholly theoretical. Whether or not phlebotomies are ordered takes into account your five iron levels (serum iron; ferritin, transferrin- & iron-binding capacity; transferrin & transferrin saturation per cent but it's a fine balance when taking your haemoglobin, haematocri
  3. Filling capsules is great practice for life outside...if you don't get caught again!
  4. I would have voted #3 but these requirements aren't a deal-breaker for success. Reopening too early will be a failure because it ignores all public health guidelines. We're just not ready until more than double hsve been vaxxed with effective vaccines.
  5. You're talking about my wife. It's no laughing matter to be 55. She works online often from 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week. Her walking is a couple of trips upstairs, toilet & kitchen. She has no waist! I'm no fitness nut but I do 45 minutes of fast walking out in what passes for nature & 45 minutes of yoga postures. But I can't seem to get wifey to do even basic stretches. Sure worried this highly sedentary behaviour will haunt her health at some point. Ideas for motivation?
  6. I may be too self-important but a senior loved one's death leaves a big hole in families. I'm more worried about not being there to comfort & support them in life's struggles & successes.
  7. Following Richard Barrow's CO₂ measures in taxis, I've taken to opening all he windows, sweating & choking.
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