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  1. You're right about that. I guess I never sent or received a web page address before. I do see a summary for every page address.
  2. I have noticed only two ads while using LINE. One of them appears at the top of the list of chats and the other one appeared in a chat window when my friend accidentally typed "i herb.com" instead of "iherb.com". Both versions of spelling iherb.com now result in inline ads appearing in the chat window. I'm not so bothered by the ads, I just want to understand that the method Pi-hole uses to block ads can easily be voided by coding the applications to use non-standard DNS methods.
  3. IOS 15 introduced the ability to change the font size in any (at least most) apps. My favorite Mac YouTuber shows how at: If the above doesn't work you may need to change a setting in the LINE app. In the LiNE app go to Home, then tap the gear icon in the top right corner, scroll down and tap on Chats, then tap on Font size and enable the "Use device settings" option. My question is in regards to using Pi-hole to block the few ads that appear in the LINE app chat list. I check the Pi-hole query log and don't see any DNS queries that originate from my i
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