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  1. I agree 5000 Baht is cheaper then having to season 800K Baht . But are the visas "provided" legal or do I run a risk that a change of wind deems me a criminal for having obtained a visa without having fullfilled the requirements? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the clarification! So my understanding is correct that I should go with OA visas back to back instead of the yearly extensions if I want a cheap and much better insurance then the thai insurance. However I am not sure how long I am going to stay anyway. Thanks again Joe!
  3. Thanks for your post! I get your point but in my case the OA is a better solution if I mange to get one before I plan to go to Thailand. Hailing from Europe, all our health insurnances are usually unlimited or limited to 2 Millions € etc so for the europeans no difference if 100.000 is asked or 50.000, but this may change according to your home country. I rather have my funds at home then in a Thai Bank o this is the plus for me. I am still missing some docs for my OA application. Just to get an idea I can have health insurace for 1 year for 480€ per year that is unlimited as
  4. Thanks! This site got me confused: https://www.mfa.go.th/en/content/thailand-pass-faqs It states under required documents: Visa: If required , but I guess that is for countries that explicitly require a visa.
  5. Can I apply for a Thailand Pass even if my OA Visa has not yet arrived? I do not need/have a return flight due to the OA visa. Any Germans here that have applied for an OA Visa via the new (for Germany) e-visa system? The website claims 15 business day max process time. Thanks!
  6. I would like to bring up another option. How about to apply for a "new" OA Visa in your home country. No need for a throw away health insurance and seasoning of money in LOS. If you have 2 passports (even from same country) it could be done "remote" with you being in Thailand. When the time comes, you fly to Singapore and re-enter Thailand with the other passport and a brand new OA Visa. I have done the same with tourist visas some years ago, actually came back the same day. They were issued in Germany while I was in TH. Passport was then mailed to me by a friend. Worked like a charm. However
  7. is the Uk on the evisa system or are we talking about physical sending in of the passport? Evisa system claims 15 day max for OA Visa Thanks!
  8. In addition to Joes excellent advise to print out everything, I would not recommend to let other people touch my mobile phone which 5 mins later I will place close to my lips and touch with my fingers.
  9. Is there a problem in combining 2 insurances from different companies to get to the full length of insurance cover? In the application I would therefore need to enter 2 pdf/jpegs is this possible? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for your post! I am still not sure about the situation. You quote that a 1 year insurance is needed, so does that mean a.) I need to cover the full time of the (possible) stay i.e. 1 year and they will decline if I miss out 1 day b.) So the situation you mentioned that I will "be stamped in to the day your insurance expires" cannot occur in the sense that I need full 1 year? c.) Is it okay if the insurance starts at the day of my landing in Thailand i.e. Plane leaves 31 Dec I arrive on 1 jan in Thailand or does it have to start on 31. Dec? Airline refuses my tra
  11. Will my OA visa via the E-Visa system be approved at all if I cannot provide a health insurance for the 1 year period? I will miss 1-2 days on the coverage as I would like to go with a 1 year max insurance. If I got the visas approved then I assume I will be stamped in to either the full year or -2 days. Thanks for all your help!
  12. Is torrenting in Thailand still "riskless" from a prosecution angle i.e. need one to fear the police or lawyers regarding digital rights fines. Any particular internet provider better then the rest for "international" torrenting? Can one recomment a particular provider for a heavy internet user like me with an additional mobile package. Mobile I will use next to nothing. I just need a phone in case my car breaks down in the sticks or I need to send line or whats app. Thanks!
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