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  1. If you have a correct installed CU the wires will never burn as the breakers will trip on overload long before the wires get too hot. That is the job of the breaker!
  2. That, In Thailand, is not sure. In fact all good (living ) sparkies will treat all circuits as live until they are tested as dead. You also need to be sure that you can lock the disconnect switch off.
  3. It also supports the view that for the majority (all?) of offices now that the year balances are required for renewal.
  4. Legal, in Thailand is a far less definitive than in the west. Also what was legal yesterday may be illegal tomorrow. Corrupt is also a slippery concept and really depends on attitudes that change. In a western society it’s reasonably easy to say that something is corrupt, in Asia, not so much.
  5. The rules are being read as the balances are required for an application to be accepted. They are not specifically worded in the police order and it doesn’t say that they apply to a current extension. So the reasonable (I know that reason is a concept that often seems lacking in Thai bureaucracy ) attitude by all IO’s is that it is the year up to the application that has to have the correct money. The only exception to this was the very few offices that asked (are asking) for proof of balance 3 months after the extension has been granted. I do not know if any offices are still askin
  6. your current extension is not void. However as you do not have the required balance in your account during the year prior to your application for an extension most offices will refuse your extension as the year balances are a requirement for issuing an extension. Some IOs will be slightly flexible if the drop is slight and short, you are polite and you may need to contribute to the staff tea fund. This flexibility is extremely variable depending on the office and many other factors and cannot be depended upon. always remember, TIT, YMMV someone else’s experienc
  7. Not only has it been posted many times here in many threads. It’s in the pinned topic and Thai immigration have it posted. if you chose not to use any of the many resources available and ask about a change that is over 2 years old then why should you be excused?
  8. Smallest standard tank is 500L like this one https://www.homepro.co.th/p/1057973 at around 2,000 for a shower you need a constant pressure pump they start from about 5,000 https://www.homepro.co.th/search?ca=PLU060301&pmin=&pmax=&cst=0&q=Water+pump&page=1&s=21&size=100#plist
  9. I can guarantee that the amount of strain you would need to put on a block and tackle or winch will be greater than the equipment you have, unless you have HGV rescue gear. If you could hitch your pickup to the stump and get enough pull to get it out the result when it comes out will be a substantial lump of wood travelling at speed towards your pickup that will be stopped, if lucky, by sections of said pickup, requiring a body shop, paint spray shop and replacement of various pieces of automotive glass.
  10. The guide I posted answered your questions and contains the best practices you asked for. If it was not good enough and you had actually already downloaded it from the pinned post in this sub forum then you should have said so and requested more information. if you can’t be bothered to put in enough detail to get the information you want, why would you expect to get the information you want. If you are unable to understand the text and unable to read and write then you need to ask a technical Thai reader and writer to do your searches for you. It is unlikely that a search
  11. You do realise that you are probably going to destroy the axe head, don’t you? An occasional wack on the head will probably not do much, but beat it enough and the helve socket is going to distort, that’s why they sell steel wedges.
  12. You have no idea of any medical procedures of mine and I have shared as much information as I am comfortable with. You are welcome to believe or not as you like.
  13. Another way would be to use a large (not 4”) angle grinder cutting straight down using a tungsten tiped blade, this is similar to the stump grinding machines, though they are rather more powerful
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