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  1. You have no idea of any medical procedures of mine and I have shared as much information as I am comfortable with. You are welcome to believe or not as you like.
  2. Another way would be to use a large (not 4”) angle grinder cutting straight down using a tungsten tiped blade, this is similar to the stump grinding machines, though they are rather more powerful
  3. A little hill but less billy Connect a cable to any of the screws on top of the amp and then to the earth pin of a 3 pin plug and plug that into your earthed circuits.
  4. @Oxx that is interesting, unfortunate that only 40% were successful, though those with a shorter duration of T2DM were more likely to benefit, also that organ fat deposits were an indicator if probable?potential T2DM. I was able to go from a concerning level of internal fat deposits to virtually zero by a change of diet composition without any significant reduction in calorie intake.
  5. you are absolutely correct. The above video was made as a public service by an extremely experienced woodworker. this is the result of a relatively mild kickback and he was wearing protection. He was lucky enough to get what most would consider mild injuries considering what could have happened.
  6. I can’t actually report as I haven’t yet used the supply of RJ45 plugs, covers, striping tool and crimping tool that cost $35 from AliExpress and arrived last week. But I was confident enough to place the order. I’m not at all sure that looking for the lowest cost plugs is a good idea
  7. I wasn’t suggesting that zip ties should be used just making the point that for a domestic install there is no particular point in requiring data cables and power cables to run completely separately. As to the grade of Ethernet cable, I absolutely agree that 5e is a minimum and probably better is an extremely good idea.
  8. I think from the reading I have done that that is incorrect. The first point is that insulin is not an enzyme and that the liver doesn’t produce it. The next point is that many people with type 2 diabetes have it controlled by diet, so all of them have somewhat functional insulin systems. Next is that weight loss and diet changes do reverse type 2 diabetes in some/many, again showing that the system is functioning. you are probably conflating 2 studies or results from 2 parts of studies 7 days diet extreme low calorie will induce drastic weighted loss by loss of water not
  9. Required in data centres, irrelevant in practice in domestic installations, though zip ties to power cable isn’t a great idea.
  10. While you can never recover completely you can get into permanent remission. I would ask to see any papers referring to the need for rapid weight loss. Weight loss (if needed, what is your BMI?) and severely cutting your intake of things like sugar water drinks (coke 7up etc) to zero, cutting out all fruit juices (whole fruit is OK) as they have more sugar than soft drinks. Reduction in carbohydrate rich foods like bread, cakes, bagels, doughnuts, rice etc. increase consumption of things like green vegetables. All of that will help. There are many papers backing up the th
  11. If you are in the MEA not PEA a UPS is not absolutely essential, but is a very good idea. I am just looking into getting a bigger one as the baby one’s battery wasn’t up to the job.
  12. That sounds quite expensive, these are about ⅓rd the price per tablet.
  13. It is not only against all water departments rules it is positively dangerous for you and anyone else on the same main. All main water supplies leak a bit, some quite a bit, you little pump will create suction that will draw extra contamination into the supply, everything from tetanus, viruses, to faecal matter is possible. Add an extra low level tank for the supply to feed and use your little pump from the tank. Just because SWMBO told you to do it doesn’t make it right, sensible or a good idea.
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